Cast Size
3w, 7m


What is the plot of the play? Lum und Purl Schweitzke wonder, two small crippled  figures  who long for a task, a reason for being. They decide to have a child together, that’s a good reason to live. They realise quickly that they can’t influence their fate, because their life is layed down in this stage play. Maybe the DP, the process director, can help? He gives people from history and the media the possibility of sending their messages into space with the help of an apparatus. The linguistic stringency of their existence into one word, one life.  Or can the single father Klaus Alberts help who is mourning for his dead daughter Hilda? Or the scientist Refinesque, maybe the politician Pofalla? The born-again Hilda, the resurrected Kleist? But they all are just the protagonists of their own pain and failure against the unbearable rules of life – against the fact that one has to die, that the universe is possibly only a hopeless explosion. Lum and Purl Schweitzke sit and look and wait for the child they are wishing for. But the drama doesn’t plan one for them. Happiness stays away from this ending, Purl Schweitzke suffocates himself and leaves Lum behind, lonely, Kleist becomes a deeply desperate Red Indian – the world fragmented, the play in ruins. “Space junk! / Everything, everything /Space junk!“