Cast Size
3w, 2m


”Broken Heart Story” is the story of two women. The main characters are a mannish writer and her complete opposite, a vain and love-hungry scatterbrain. Both women seek happiness in the way they see best, but also fettered by the definitions and expectations of the world surrounding them. In the end, the women’s conflicting conceptions of freedom and perhaps a genuine lack of it lead them face to face on the brink of a momentous decision. ”Broken Heart Story” is a story of art and love. It examines the surrounding world first and foremost through the internal reality of the characters. The play delves into questions of identity, choices, and how to live to achieve happiness. The play doesn’t offer answers or guidance. Instead, it paints a poetic, absurd landscape overflowing with questions. The form of the text borrows influences not only from American pop culture but also Brecht’s tableau-like learning plays and their form of direct audience address. The rainy world of the play nevertheless bubbles with humour and a light touch in the face of big questions. Beneath its naive style, Broken Heart Story creates an overview of contemporary society, especially through its female characters. ”To be a subject or an object?” wonders a whiskered woman, a cat’s skull in her hand.