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1w, 9m


1978, Princeton, New Jersey, the memorial service of Kurt Gödel, the world’s greatest logical thinker since Aristotle. One of the guests is Kurt Gödel himself. “Time is like a train ride. Events are the stations where it stops. But no matter where you are, the other stations still exist. They don’t disappear. And the train travels in a circle. Every moment is forever.”

Going through time-loops and meeting several of his doppelgangers, Gödel revisits his past life: His student days as the youngest member of the Vienna Circle, his breakthrough moment of making the greatest discovery of modern logic, his marriage to a nightclub dancer, his conflict with the Nazi authorities (who incorrectly assume that a world-renowned mathematician must be Jewish), his difficult journey into US exile via Mongolia and his friendship with Albert Einstein in Princeton. His life becomes more and more dominated by paranoia and a fear of ghosts. Starving himself to death for fear of being poisoned and surrounded by the dead of his past, Gödel ends his life, in order to start again from the beginning.