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1w, 2m


Olavi had planned to take a break from his job as a stage director.  His last production had almost pushed him over the edge so it was high time for a holiday.  But now he’s been offered the most tempting project of all: directing Goethe’s Faust.  Once he sees his girlfriend Sanna’s miniature design – a glass structure which would be just perfect for the set – Olavi is irresistibly drawn back to the world of theatre.  While Sanna can’t bear to watch Olavi heading for a heart attack, producer Alex struggles to keep the director’s extravagant vision in line with the theatre management’s strict budget.  Olavi is soon forced to look himself in the eye and weigh his career, his life and his relationship in the balance. Mika Myllyaho completes his successful trilogy with this bristling comedy about work, love and exhaustion.  What do you do when work is the most important thing in your life but it’s killing you?  Like Myllyaho’s Panic and Chaos, Harmony is a sharply humorous, gruffly tender study of modern times.