Cast Size
4w, 3m


At 28 years old Martin is only twice the age o his students, but his understnding of the needs of the teenagers he teaches makes him seem much further removed from his youth. Two of his students, both giris, give Martin a dose of teen angst and irreverence. Martin finds this threatening and is unable to deal with the students jibes. He feels personally attacked and slowley looses control of his fear and anxiety. One of the girls leaves him a threatening message which he brings to the school's attention but they fail to act so it is left to Martin to take justice into his own hands. The delicate balance between teacher and pupil is brought to the fore and subjected to minutae investigation. With the utmost sensitivity for his characters Sauter arranges the complex and often overlapping worlds of adult and child and their various breaking points.This is both thrilling and a tragic psychological portrait of a young man who breaks while trying to fulfill his job requirements and his own needs as a human being. 

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