Cast Size
1w, 2m


The award-winning play, "Home Sweet Home", reveals the traumatic experience of war and the unsympathetic indifference at home in a Nordic country. Denmark has been a strong supporter of international peacekeeping and has sent soldiers to serve in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Somalia. In the play Kim, a former Sergeant in the Danish army, and his girlfriend Iben, an editor of women's magazines, are preparing a "welcome home" dinner for Carsten, Kim's lifelong friend and once his Captain in the army. Carsten has recently returned from service in Iraq and arrives for dinner looking handsome and fit. But during the evening, the couple are confronted with a person whose personality has become dark and secretive and whose understanding of life has become radically different from theirs. A pleasant reunion turns into a fatal evening in which the relationships, values and principles of all three characters are put to the test. The play is fictional, but was inspired by a true story.