Cast Size
3w, 4m, 5c


Adapted for the stage by Staffan Götestam/ Music: Georg Riedel and Anders Berglund

 Karlsson is a short, portly and over-confident man who lives in a small house hiding behind a smoke-stack on the roof of a very ordinary apartment building, on a very ordinary street in Stockholm, Sweden. When Karlsson pushes a button on his stomach it starts a clever little motor with a propeller on his back allowing him to fly. Karlsson is the best at everything, at least as he sees it. But there is, in fact, one thing at which he excels: being a playmate to a young boy named Smidge who lives in this house with his family. Karlsson is quite mischievous, often getting Smidge into trouble, but in the end everybody - even Smidge’s family, and their sour housekeeper - grow to like Karlsson and appreciate his sense of humor, energy, and good nature.