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2w, 2m


It is Lucas 25th birthday. To celebrate he invites his mother Tete and his older sister Lucrece to a restaurant. The menu is exquisite, the waiter very polite and the family happy -  A dream.

It is Lucas 25th birthday. The family is sitting in an exclusive restaurant. Tété would rather be  at "Trois Petit Couchons", the atmosphere gets gradually worse - A dream?

It is Lucas 25th birthday. Tete and Lucrece are fighting. A waiter accidentally destroys Lucas’ passport. There is no birthday cake, instead Lucas sits in front of the shambles of his identity  -  A nightmare!

Rafael’s fast-paced, dark tragicomedy shows a family in a state of emergency. When Lucrece returns home after many years the family has to face the realities of past and present, which stand in great contrast to Lucas’ lucid dreams of a happy family