Cast Size
3w, 3m


A simply outstanding debut from a young Norwegian dramatist: Two young girls have developed an extreme game with rules which are to be kept if you wish to avoid a brutal punishment. The game - both violent and dreamy - between Ida and Benedikte crosses the ultimate border: Ida holds Benedikte’s head under water long enough for her friend to die. Afterwards she smashes the dead Benedikte’s head on a rock. Ida is arrested, and the case seems obvious. The police want a confession, the psychologists want their Freudian analysis, and the press wants its story about a lesbian jealousy drama with a hint of homo-sadism. The play calls for an expressive staging, and it is written in an almost surreal style of farce with sharp dialogues in continuous scenes. The title “More” hints at the human need to play with boundaries and exposure to greater dangers.