It's booming. So loud. Is that the crisis? Ready yourself? Oh yeah. Online experts in disaster relief. But what actually happens to old women who want to finish the roaring in analogue? To die. In the street. Does anyone take them away, at least? Civil courage, so what? And how awesome were the eighties? Ratatatata. "Hey, man, you have shot a child." Collateral damage. It can happen. The world is trembling. The mother of the dead child wants revenge? The man at the edge of Ulro laughs. Schadenfroh. And rules full of hatred. But then the mother extends her hand to the soldier. It is time. Hearts? We're not scared.

With her anti-terror play, Maria Milisavljevic wants to "identify with a society that has in the face of ever closer threats moved into non-committal virtual worlds ... With vehemence and pathos, she pleads for the principle of love as a means of social policy, and thus shows the courage of a utopia in contrast to the fatalism of the rational." (Excerpt from the jury statement of the Heidelberger Stückemarkt 2016 for the authors’ prize to Maria Milisavljevic)

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