Cast Size
1w, 2m, 3c


Sara is hanging around after school. She doesn't feel like going home, because her parents will either be out, having a row, or eating awful health foods from the organic shop. Sara hates those healthy brown bagfuls - she likes chips! Ayhan is in no hurry either, because at home he has to look after his brothers and sisters. He finds family life generally miserable, because the women always wear headscarves and his dad can't speak German. Ayhan hates always being the odd man out. And so cautiously Sara and Ayhan approach one another, and make a game out of their likes and dislikes. In the short time between the end of school and making their way home, they discover similarities as well as differences between them. They then invent a world of their own, in which they are no longer boy and girl, German and Turk, but rabbit friends in Rabbit Land. But then Sara's parents move house again, as they always do just when she's made some friends - this time it's to Berlin, a long way away. And so Ayhan is left alone in Rabbit Land - until Hamid arrives. 

The play opens up different approaches to the themes of integration and culture and transcends stereotypes. Above all, Sara, Hamid and Ayhan are three children who are willing to see one another as they really are, rather than looking for reflections (or negations) of themselves, and they all share the common wish to find a friend.