The play was commissioned to commemmorate the 20th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's assasination. It takes place at one of the most volatile and meaningful crossroads of Rabin's Road to Peace. A year after he signed the first step of the Oslo Accords, an Israeli soldier is kidnapped and held at a territory which was handed over to the Palestinian Authorities.
Rabin's vision for peace is being tested, as he faces profound questions which threaten his leadership and personal beliefs.
In those critical moments, when a ticking clock determines the fate of the kidnapped soldier and a mother begs for her son's life, the great leader is struck by past memories and visions of the future.
A chorus of mothers of dead soldiers from the past and from the future, including his own mother who died when he was 16, confront him with his past and with what will become of his peace process after his death.
The history of one man and an entire country unfolds over three nerve-wracking days, in which Rabin makes a series of controversial decisions that resound within Israel to this very day.