Cast Size
2w, 3m


Darko drinks. He drinks until he can’t feel his brain. He drinks until he can’t speak, he can’t breathe. He drinks until his teeth fall out, until he forgets his name. Drinking, Drinking, drowning – just like everyone else in the council block.

And then arrives Motte. The resident Slut. 19 years old. She is the jackpot. A fallen shooting star. And suddenly Darko starts to feel. Suddenly there is Hope. The stars still can’t be seen, the blue blue sea is still far far away, but together Darko and Motte can start to dream. But can you dream in a place where even the tiniest bit of hope and happiness seems a luxury?

A play about the sea, the stars, a council block and death. A play that reminds us that poverty and despair exist not at the bounderies of society but in the midst, and that hope can make things worse. A play about dreams, poetic and disturbing and at the same time beautiful and funny. A rare and spherical voice.

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