Cast Size
4w, 4m


“The Funeral” is the continuation of the award winning film and the play: ”The Celebration”. The story takes place in a beach hotel ten years after the tragic events portrayed in “The Celebration”. Helge has died. His wife Else and their children Christian, Michael and Helene are being reunited for the first time in ten years at their father’s funeral. This get-together is taking place in the very same building, in which Christian - on Helge’s 60th birthday - had made severely accusations agains his father, claiming that he and his twin sister had been sexually abused by him for years when they were small children. Back then, Christian’s brother Michael had beaten up his father in the morning after the birthday party and thrown him out of the house. Christian has arrived with his wife Pia for the funeral. They have come from Paris; Michael is bringing his new girlfriend Sofie and Henning, a son from his first marriage. Kim, the cook, is catering to the needs of the mourners at the abandoned hotel. But suddenly, mysterious events are happening, there seems to be a curse on the family, putting everyone’s nerves to the test. “The Funeral” had its world premiere at Vienna’s Burghtheatre in 2010.