Cast Size
2w, 2m


Another powerful play from Ibsen Award winning playwright Fredrik Brattberg.

He and She have just moved into their new dream home. They have moved to his hometown. They dream about growing their own herbs. He is dreaming about making paella on a new stove that they are going to buy. He making paella while she relaxes on the sofa. His parents help them to realise this dream.

The parents remark on how they are relieved of a tension they have felt since their son's depature, and with this it is clear there is an expected responsiblity on the son to stay. The parents give the young couple some herbs in pots to use for cooking and a stove which they buy at the local store but with this is the burden of gratitude: The mother remarks on the price of the stove and how she and the young man's father had so little when they were younger. There is a growing a sense of the young couple being held hostage by the older couple. Tensions are building and soon the girlfriend's childhood cup accidentally breaks, she is inconsolable. In this uneasy play we see how a scratch on the polished surface of relationships can set off a minefield.