Cast Size
1w, 3m


It is a great day for Mo, he is expecting a visit from his best friend. Suddenly a polar bear wanders in from the corridor behind the kitchen. This complicates things, because the polar bear is a wild animal that does not conform to Mo’s boundaries between nature and civilisation. Later that day, Mo’s friend Ulrik and his girlfriend Agnes come to visit, they both think that the polar bear is a figment of Mo’s imagination. However, as it wanders into the sitting room again, both Mo and his friends have to acknowledge that it is a tangible being and not merely a symbol. They all have their way of dealing with the absurd, wild and uncivilised creature. Half-heartedly, Mo attempts to negotiate; Ulrik wants to fight, whilst Agnes tries to handle it with slyness. A shrewd drama about the unfamiliar and about conforming to the society’s terms.