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1w, 1m


Herbert Gladney has spent every waking moment of the last 10 years working on his best-selling book “Marriage is forever,” unaware that his own marriage is falling apart. His wife Rebecca is willing to continue the “happy couple” charade through the book tour (for the money), but is getting tired of the act. Meanwhile, tabloid television reporter Pam Blair hides in the wardrobe of their hotel room. She is eager to broadcast any dirt she can find on the Gladneys’ and their “perfect” marriage. Slamming doors, mistaken identities and split-second timing contribute to a side-splitting farce. A male actor plays the roles of Herbert, Senator Ryan (formerly involved with Rebecca), a gloomy Swedish cameraman Gunnar Gustafson, Bill the bellboy and Senator Ryan’s wife Delilah. An actress portrays Rebecca Gladney, Pam Blair, actress/model Gwenda Hill (who is carrying on with Senator Ryan), Sister Barbara (an accordion-playing nun), and Nina, the thieving hotel maid. “Tour de Farce” is described as a “lightning fast, door slamming sex farce.” It would still be funny if it were played with 10 actors, but a huge part of the fun for the audience is knowing that all these characters are being brought to life by just two people.