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5w, 4m


Deputy prime-minister, Eva Olsson, gives birth to a child. Not willing to take time off her busy political schedule, she hides the fact of the baby’s birth, forcing it onto her ex-husband shortly after delivery. Ex-husband, Hans, brings the baby home to his new girlfriend, Marie and an uncertain reception. Marie, herself in need of constant coddling, breaks up with Hans, banishes him and the baby to the garage. Later, when the two kiss and make up, she passes the child onto Lars, her ex boyfriend, a convicted killer. Lars, unable to post the baby back to Marie, sells it to two lesbians in a bar. One of these women happens to be the deputy prime minister’s grown up daughter, Esmeralda. Esmeralda’s lover, Vivi, feeling jealous, gives the baby away. What happens next is uncertain, but we do know that the child is last seen in a toilet at Stockholm’s International Airport where it is mistakenly repatriated, together with an African refugee family, to Eritrea.
Meanwhile, journalists, angry that the deputy prime minister is living a life diametrically opposed to her political views on family, have found out about the baby. Eva now needs to get the baby back to save her political career. After failing to convince the local welfare office of their responsibility to locate the baby in Africa; Eva, Hans, Marie, Lars (also a possible father to the baby after a night with Eva at a party convention), Esmeralda and Vivi travel to East Africa to locate and bring home their baby.
In a hotel lobby in East Africa, they gather forces again. They have all come into possession of different babies when suddenly, the girl, miraculously now a precocious ten year old, walks in to the lobby ready to travel home to Sweden