Cast Size
1w, 1m


A man, apparently an author, enters his neighbours flat through the open door and asks for a condom. The neighbour, an alleged actress, is in the middle of an erotic phone call. The man lieaves, condom in hand, believing her to have an exciting relationship with her boyfriend, who's picture is plastered all over the walls. The woman then hears loud moaning and signs of wild sex coming from the man's flat. Angrily she knocks on the wall, the man returns...

A play about the twenty-something generation. They are young, talented, attractive. The world is their oyster. They are absolutely happy...or are they?

Silke Hassler shows, with great wit and sensiticity, two young people dealing with the pressure of today's  world. When happiness and love seems readily available, ebing lonely and sad must be the unmistakeable sign of failure. A failure not to be admitted.