Cast Size
5w, 10m


April 1945. While in Vienna people are already celebrating the newly established democracy and freedom, Jewish prisoners are still being marched through the countryside to their final destination – Mauthausen. ‘Each To His Own’  tells the extraordinary story of one group trying to defy death through art.

Locked in a barn somewhere in Austria, cold, hungry and without strength left, the prisoners organise themselves to rehearse and perform the Operetta ‘Wiener Blut’ with the help of a couple of villagers who, at the risk of their own lives, have smuggled food into the barn. They have none of the things they need, no instruments, no costumes, and no energy.

Through the combination of a tragic story and the light touch of comic operetta, Silke Hassler  and Peter Turrini have written a play that makes you laugh and cry and, at the final curtain, leaves you in shocked silence.