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After the party the young desperados of AND NOW: THE WORLD! have grown up. Here we find them in their thirties and in various states of adjustment: One is a single mother, another is in a more conventional family unit and a third has moved into a commune. The great career didn’t happen for any of them, instead they are faced with the growing realization of their ordinariness and that changing the world would takes a lot of energy they don’t seem to be able to muster. However, this doesn’t stop them trying, and they set out to leave their gentrified neighbourhoods, move to the countryside and even wean themselves off social services. The only thing standing in their way: their children who have different ideas.

In this sequel to AND NOW: THE WORLD! Sibylle cleverly adds another layer to the questions of gender, capitalism, climate change and the omnipresent Google in the form of Mirna. A new generation has arrived that approaches the parental fears and ideals in a very different way.