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Gay marriage, migration, organic vegetables, Euro crisis, feminism – hot topics wildly bantered about in the pub as much as on the internet. We receive warnings from the politically correct and contradictions from the reactionaries. In the midst of this: the soliloquizing modern everyman: white; heterosexual; middle-class and able to produce a seven course gastronomic experience for his wife and son. Career-wise, he hasn’t achieved what he had hoped for and despite living in a very respectable part of town his own family are failing to live up to his expectations. He’s running out of money and hope. He feels misled by his parents who convinced him he was a winner, that he was somehow unique, now this promise is beginning to look like a cruel joke.
Everyman complains, whines and pontificates about society, he is accompanied by a male choir, “the voice of the people” who become more and more threatening.