Cast Size
3w, 4m


“Blanche and Marie” is based on the real story about Marie Curie and her intimate friend Blanche Wittman. The story takes place at the end of the 1800s. Blanche has been committed for hysteria and among other things, she has been a guinea pig when doctor Jean-Martin Charcot invited people like Freud and Strindberg to weekly séances about the riddling psyche of women. When Charcot dies, Blanche becomes Madame Curie’s assistant. She offers her body to science and allows the x-rays to eat her up before she dies as a torso; 41.34 inches tall, weighing 99.21 lbs. A dreamy play where passion is scientifically proven and feelings and body parts are amputated while the blue light from the x-rays close in on Blanche and her attempt to examine love.