Cast Size
2w, 2m


“The Night of the Tribades” is a portrait of August Strindberg.  It is a historical drama in which Enquist takes some liberties, but for the most part the play is based on facts. The story unfolds in Copenhagen in 1889, when Strindberg’s estranged wife, Siri von Essen, her alcoholic lesbian friend, Marie Caroline, and the young actor, Viggo Schiffe, are rehearsing Strindberg’s newest experimental play “The Stronger”. “The Night of the Tribades” is a powerful, drama, using much of Strindberg's own writing. Enquist portrays the complex man and his charged opinions well, convincingly echoing the fire of Strindberg's own work, and adeptly conveying Strindberg's often ugly thoughts. “The Night of the Tribades” has been produced all over the world from Eastern Europe to Broadway and has been translated into more than 20 languages.