Cast Size
5w, 12m, 2c


Adapted for the stage by Mats Sandelius/ Music by Georg Riedel and Fredrik Åkerblom

EMIL IN LÖNNEBERGA is the story of Emil Svensson who lives with his mother, father, little sister Ida, farmhand Alfred and maid Lina on a picturesque farm in Småland, Sweden. He is an unusually lively little boy, who just cannot resist trying out every whim which enters into his white-haired head. He always has the best of intentions, because he is a good-hearted child, but often with catastrophic results, especially for his short-tempered father. As a result, Emil spends a lot of quality time in the wood shed carving wood figurines and waiting for Anton’s temper to cool down. Certainly his father’s patience is tried, as Emil gets his head stuck in the family’s only soup bowl, hoists little Ida up the flag pole, and arranges a lavish Christmas party for the poor.

This story is one of Lindgren’s more realistic stories. The many layers of understanding make the story suitable for all ages and tells us a great deal about the real world. The play includes songs by Georg Riedel, known from the television series as well as recently composed music by Fredrik Åkerblom