Cast Size
3w, 9m, 3c


Adapted for the stage by Annina Enckell/ Music and Lyrics by Sebastian

This story is said to be Lindgren’s favourite, dealing with the strong and playful Ronia, who overcomes her struggles with love and strength. Ronia is the daughter of the robber chief, Matt. She grows up in a harsh, yet loving environment. She is especially attached to her dear friend, old Noodle-Pete. On the stormy night when Ronia was born, Matt’s castle was split into two by lightning. A few years later, Matt discovers that the competing robber gang, the Borkas, have taken over the other half of the castle. Matt is furious. When he learns that Ronia has been seeing Borka’s son, Birk, he is even more furious. The two families cannot accept the friendship of Ronia and Birk, and the conflict expands. Matt rejects and disowns Ronia, when she refuses to give in. Birk and Ronia run away together, and are now faced with new struggles – the struggles of living in the woods, where mysterious beings reside, such as the rump hobs, grey dwarfs and the cruel but beautiful wild harpies. This musical version with music by singer/songwriter and composer Sebastian premiered in 2000. Subsequently it has been produced by numerous theatres.

Academy Award WInning Director Hayao Miyazaki of Studi Ghibli will be releasing an animated series version of Ronia the Robber's Daughter at the end of 2014.