Cast Size
2w, 2m


A comedy about the drama of flat-swapping.

Hannah needs to spend two months in Zurich to help stressed-out bankers relax. Roman, a fanatical tech-head, has to observe a live satellite launch that he has worked on for his company. A flat swap is arranged. Sebastian, a historian of mediocre success but with a great capacity for melancholy, doesn’t want to go to Zurich. And Roman’s shy wife Magdalena has a secret. Two middle-class couples are thrown together and the drama takes its course.

Between doors and removal boxes principles are discussed, questioned and thrown out of the window.  Nobody listens and everybody knows better. Cracks appear in old relationships while new alliances are formed. Throughout the goings on, the removals van is parked in the second row.

Mortiz Rinke's new play talks with great humour about timely phenomenons like hot desking, arab spring, financial crisis and fertility apps, while never losing sight of some serious fundamental question of how we hope to live and love in the future.

A modern middle-class relationship comedy. Witty, fast and  intelligent.