Cast Size
1w, 3m


Terhi, the managing director of Dacutec, a mobile phone entertainment company, has recovered from a nervous breakdown and is now returning to work full of new ideas. She wants to re-think the firm's values and only market the kinds of products she can stand behind. With Gandhi as her model, she wants to bring joy and neighbourly love to the mobile phone business. Terhi's values are quickly put to the test, as hanging over Dacutec is the threat of a merger, and they need to develop a successful product in two weeks. Is there a space for these new, soft values when their jobs are at stake? Juha Jokela's successful comedy examines the unforgiving pace and cut-throat competition of business life through razor-sharp humour and pointed dialogue. At the same time, the play considers the values of life more broadly, examining how these values ultimately need to be realized in everyday life, if only through small deeds. The play has been stages all over the world with excellent reviews.