Cast Size
3w, 4m


Social Democrat MP Jaana wants to resuscitate her retrograde, floundering party with a radical poverty program. Rami, a ruthless corporate coach who has raked it in with his Performance Economy concept, starts sparring the provincial wheeler and dealer OT Toivio. Single mother and sociologist Hanna is studying the relationship between performance and society; but conducting scientific research and making ends meet is a difficult equation. Performance Economy is a satire about life that has turned into nothing but performance; this theme is considered through the prisms of sociology, tabloids, the business world, as well as local and party politics. The fragmentary scenes come together in a narrative whole that aptly illustrates the significance of the media in contemporary society. Political preaching is replaced with polyvocal narration that challenges us to consider dramatic structures in politics and everyday life. The play premiered at the Espoo City Theatre.