Cast Size
1w, 1m


Markus, a reform-minded minister fed up with the inflexibility of the church, meets his old friend Heidi after twenty years. She has become a fanatical Sectarian who wants to save Markus from going to hell. Markus is shocked, but also wants to understand Heidi and help her. Between them develops a wrenching spiritual battle, where they are forced to re-evaluate what they believe and why. Markus must admit his own responsibility for Heidi's state as well as come to terms with his own inner fundamentalism. In this suspenseful and subtle play, unquestioned religious beliefs collide with modern-day pluralism and tolerance. The play forces us to look inside ourselves, to question the values which shape our lives. The play does not preach, but instead considers these questions from many points of view. It is not only about religion, but also about the search for truth and the ways two people can forge a relationship. The play won the Nordic Drama Award in 2008.